Death, Dying and Disappearing During the 1980s John Barber


Published: September 23rd 2014



Death, Dying and Disappearing During the 1980s  by  John Barber

Death, Dying and Disappearing During the 1980s by John Barber
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As Shakespeare once said: ‘We all have our exits and our entrances.’This is a collection of news stories from the 1980’s. They are real news items from around the world. The one common factor is that they all have a reference to death. Not just deaths of people and animals and the strange ways some have met their end but wills with eccentric clauses, misbehaving ghosts and the end of inanimate objects like rail routes.Some of these stories are sad, some amusing, some quite odd.

There is no comment on any item and the news is printed exactly as was reported. They have been kept in scrapbooks throughout the 1980 decade. At the time they fascinated the author, made him smile or brought a tear to his eye. The intention is not to offend but to bring a rarely discussed subject to a wider audience.You can read this book from first chapter to last but it is intended as something to pop into haphazardly- a potpourri, a farrago, a brush with serendipity.

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