Conspiracy of One Jim Moore

ISBN: 9780962621956

Published: October 28th 1991


217 pages


Conspiracy of One  by  Jim Moore

Conspiracy of One by Jim Moore
October 28th 1991 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 217 pages | ISBN: 9780962621956 | 10.44 Mb

After essentially declaring himself the worlds foremost expert on the JFK assassination, Jim Moore decries what he describes as the cheap and baseless tactics used by Warren Report critics - then proceeds to engage in those very tactics throughout his entire book. How his personal attacks on those he disagrees with equates with the just the facts approach he claims to engage in is a mystery to me.

He throws out frequent half-truths, ignores facts and testimony that do not fit his theory, and makes some incredibly dubious assumptions along the way. The arrogance of this man is truly galling. I think Moores contribution to the JFK assassination literature is best represented by his assertion that Oswalds purchase of a Coca Cola - rather than his preferred Dr. Pepper - in the 2nd floor lunchroom of the Texas School Book Depository in the wake of JFKs assassination holds the key to his guilt. Adding even more absurdity to this notion, he follows up by speculating that Oswald no doubt mentally kicked himself for wasting a nickel immediately thereafter.Moore doesnt just pick and choose his facts, he obfuscates, lies, and makes baseless assumptions.

While theres no record of what Oswald said while being interrogated, Moore says its perfectly OK to assume he lied- after all, he says it is ridiculous to think that Oswald might have been innocent. He also claims that critics of the Warren Report havent read the report - and, more than likely, havent even read any books about the assassination at all. The very idea of the police working with gangsters?

Obviously ridiculous, he says. A former Mafia member told Moore that those guys dont stage killings like that of JFK - and thats proof enough for Moore to reject any Mafia involvement in the assassination. He rejects reports of any arresting officer saying Kill the President, will you?

to Oswald in the Texas Theater because they could not have known that Oswald was linked to the assassination at that point.Jim Moore has a simple answer for everything. How does he explain all of the Parkland medical personnels description of a hole in the right rear of JFKs head? Its simple, Moore says - the wound at the side of the head would, of necessity, have been at the `back of the head, since they could see no further than the rearward margin of this wound.

It matters not at all that they say the autopsy photos do not match their observations because they wouldnt be able to remember what the wound looked like fifteen years or more after the fact. He asserts that the bullet hole in the Presidents back did transit through his neck- sure, doctors said that they could feel the end of the wound with their fingers, but thats because strap muscles in the neck blocked the path of their surgical probes and they werent permitted to dissect the complete track of the bullet. As for the back wound appearing to be too low to have exited through the front of the neck, Moore argues that JFK had an abnormally large amount of soft tissue on the back of his neck - and the exit wound was so small because the Presidents shirt collar and tie held the skin surface too tightly for even a tumbling bullet to have made a significant exit wound.

He even comes up with new facts. Did you know that the missed shot that struck the curb would doubtless have showered JFK (and him alone) with bits of concrete and perhaps even metal fragments? That is what JFK is reacting to when you see him raise his arms towards his neck when he first emerges from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign - so says Moore.

Thats his only real beef with the Warren Report - he says the first shot rather than the second is the one that missed the President.Moore thinks it was morally wrong to have ever released any autopsy X-rays or photos, especially since the critics he hates so much dare present these sorts of things in their books in their efforts to confuse the American public, which he describes as ignorant and easily fooled.

His personal attacks on critics, especially Mark Lane, David Lifton, and Robert Groden (whom Moore seems to hate with every fiber of his being) are simply mean-spirited and lacking in substance.In the end, its pretty hard not to characterize Jim Moore as a government shill.

In his view, Warren Report critics have done more harm to America than the Vietnam War and Watergate combined by sowing distrust of the government among the people. Yes, Moore apparently believes that the American government is absolutely wonderful and can do no wrong - and certainly wouldnt lie to the American people on any account (with the obvious exception of Robert Blakey, of course, the man who Moore believes sabotaged an otherwise complete and comprehensive House Assassinations Committee report with a conclusion of probable conspiracy purely for reasons of personal gain).

I have to wonder if he still has such implicit trust in the honesty and integrity of the government now as he did when he published the book in 1991. As for Warren Report critics and anyone who disagrees with Moores definitive conclusions on the JFK assassination, he argues that they all genuinely detest this country and deplore our form of government. This statement is absurd, as most critics seek the truth about the assassination because they believe that true American freedom and liberty were snuffed out that day along with the life of John F.


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