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Blood in the Rain  by  Kris Malkin

Blood in the Rain by Kris Malkin
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There was new steel to his cause. Heated by the anger that had begun to boil. Forged by his lasting memories of Rachel. Tempered by the sobs of a heartbroken mother.He would get the killer, not only for her, but because he wanted it too.Now, more than anyone.The storm is coming...Detective Constable Steve Holland discovers that the victim of a murder is an ex-girlfriend. With the support of his mentor- Sergeant Trevor Hanks, his investigation starts well. External and internal pressures cause Holland to rationalise worries in thoughts of the weather and he soon questions everything.

Following his final lead, a London trip briefly slows his spiralling thoughts. However, Detective Inspector Foss, Holland’s self-important boss, announces the case closed.A break allows Holland to regroup and he follows up a robbery. Minor crime becomes major, as technology provides a clue to that smashes open another, tough case. Holland involves Hanks and others, when an end presents itself, but must risk everything to resolve it.

Jubilant, the Serious Crime Team celebrates and Holland seems free of his concerns. Then, his colleague, Nikki Harman, offers something more than friendship.Holland is dragged back down, when a second murder victim is another ex-girlfriend.

Thinking it’s personal, he persuades both Hanks and Foss to support further investigation. However, when incriminating evidence puts Holland in a precarious position, D.I. Foss suspends him. With only a laptop, Holland, frustrated and losing control, finds other victims, all connected to him. Leaving one question- who? A chance message reveals the truth, which Holland must confront.

With the clouds around him bubbling, turning the world around him upside-down, D.C. Holland will soon find out what price will he pay, to stop the murderer...

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